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Ken Robinson ken
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Washing up liquid, compressed air and possibly deionised water if you were getting marks left behind.

Smooth a generous amount of washing up liquid onto the mirror with a clean finger, making sure you don't touch the mirror, i.e. using the washing up liquid as a cushion.
Then place under running water until all the liquid has been washed off.
Place in deionised water if you wish or need to.
Use compressed air to blow off drops of remaining water.

Repeat above until clean.

Worked for years, including removing cigarette smoke, when smoking was allowed near our machine in the early days!


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Does anyone remember the company in Skokie, Illinois who re-finishes front
surface mirrors for Ranks?


That company used to make a liquid, called Mirro-Len that was the only
liquid that would successfully clean front surface

Mirrors without streaks and degrading the reflectance of the mirror.

Unfortunately, they stopped making that liquid....


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