[Tig] KeyKode Syncroniser/Reader

Peter Robertshaw peterr
Wed Jul 20 13:06:44 BST 2005


Anyone know of vendors of 35mm bench mounted syncronisers that will 
interface with one of the RIM (Research in Motion) DigiSync readers?

There are a couple out there, one which utilises an old and unreliable 
laser diode to illuminate the keycode on the film and another which can 
only pick up KeyKode from the back edge of film.
As we work predominantly with Neg it is imperative that we can collect 
KeyKode data from the front (read open) edge of the reader assembly, 
other wise the film is upside down and emulsion damage is a real possibility
The interface with the RIM reader is significant as we have tools that 
handle the data off the serial port of that reader
Pete Robertshaw

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