[Tig] BRRE Lab

Bill Topazio BTopazio
Tue Jul 26 15:24:49 BST 2005

	http://tig.colorist.org/wiki/index.php/Photo_Album is a photo of my mobile BRRE lab and research assistant, MK.  As shown, the BRRE chamber is charged with 734 beer holes, and as you can see, we have the capacity for more.  This Lab had to come on-line quickly after the beerhole density in the previous Lab had exceed 1 Standard Garage Unit and caused significant instability in the beerhole pile.  The current rig was subsequently augmented with 1 Standard Laundry Room Unit, under tightly controlled conditions of course, adding approximately 100 additional beerhole units.  The chamber still remained in stable operation.  The experiment lasted approximately 3 weeks, and was halted only when it became necessary to reconfigure the Lab to haul lumber from Home Depot for the new woodshed.  The contents of the chamber were then successfully converted to various alloys of nickel, copper and silver which amounted to an aggregate value of approximately USD 36.40 (some beerholes were lost in the conversion process; the theoretical limit was USD 41.70 so the efficiency could be stated as 36.40/41.70 = 87.3%.  We're working to improve that and fully expect to exceed that as we scale up the project.)  -From the lab, BT

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