[Tig] Topazio's BRRE lab & 3D projection

Kevin Wheatley hxpro
Thu Jul 28 12:37:26 BST 2005

Laurence Claydon wrote:
> Losses due to 3D shutter glasses require extra light. For the NFT demo we set 28ftL which was easy with the ~30ft screen, based on 14ftL per eye (half the time). In fact the glasses have a slight transmission loss in the 'off' state as well as not being true neutral density, although this can be compensated for in the projector.
> Next time I will put the 3D specs on the colour light meter when setting up and make it easy :-)

that should get rid of any colour shifts too right the glasses not
being neutral, anybody know how matched the glasses are? sounds like
something that should be specified else it won't just be different
screens that look different, but everybody in the room getting a
different picture :-)

Personally I didn't like the system as I get headaches from the "3D
focus" moving about and not being focused at the screen distance...
the cuts all had colour shifts caused by the mis timed after image I
"saw" (half of the out going shot and half of the incoming one as a
mixed image?), bit off putting as it makes you aware of the cuts more.
The process itself also shows some anoying artifacts that look like
pixels being stretched to make up the occluded parts of the image. The
worst example of this was on Darth Vader's opening scene.

I thought a lot of the material looked better in the 2D versions of
those I'd seen. More positively though I did think that the Star Wars
EP IV clips were the best, perhaps because they didn't contain any "3D
gags" and used the latest revision of their process.

I also thought the frame rate is 48 FPS (24 for each eye).


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