[Tig] Monitor calibration

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Tue Jun 14 19:59:48 BST 2005

> Have you ever had dealings with Joe Kane

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never thought of Joe Kane as
someone focused on our needs.  He does put out neat DVD's for adjusting your
home TV set though.

If anyone thinks there would be value in engaging him in this conversation I
will most certainly contact him.  Please let me know.

> It seems that you are re-tracing some steps.

Many on this list have probably gone through some of this exploration,
privately.  I think there's great value in a public discussion of the
matter, which I've never seen here on the TIG, the most critical bunch of
users of monitoring systems in the industry.  I'm more then willing to stick
my neck out and restate what may be obvious to some in order to initiate
dialog.  Part of my "question everything" approach.

BTW, I'd like to encourage lurkers to get involved in this and other topics.
I know some are concerned with the idea of "looking stupid".  Look, we've
all stuck our foot firmly up our mouths very publicly at one point or
another, we are all still here and continue to have useful dialog.  Get
involved!  If you have something to contribute people will appreciate it.
No matter what the topic might be.

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