[Tig] persistence

woz WL
Thu Jun 16 23:41:37 BST 2005

Apologies if the group gets this twice- I can't see my post of yesterday (I
have persistence if nothing else..)

I can't quote a figure but in my experiece of using BVM monitors I have
always perceived the persistence to be slightly longer than other makes of
monitor, I  assume this could be down to a fairly long aftergow for those
phosphors, (I know there could be other LF factors) but alas no figures to
prove this-yet.
The persistence certainly seems longer than the Barco monitors we use to use
as grade one's
We have many itchyscratchy (oops I meant Ikegami) grade 2's - they seem to
have  shorter persistence also.
Colourist/ Engineer
Granada TV/3Sixtymedia

(As an addendum this concurs with Peter Swinson's view ..I think)

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