[Tig] 4K digital intermediates using video technology

Jack James jack
Wed Jun 22 18:15:43 BST 2005

Don't mean to correct you Bob, but it looks like it's not going to cover how
to do 4k using video, but actually how HD compares to 2k and 4k. Looks like
they're presenting Rick's paper about the capability of (digitized) HDCAM SR
as an alternative to 2k data. Having said, that, I'm sure it'll be worth
going to.


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Thanks to James Braid of Oktobor for supporting the TIG
On July 7, Sony will be presenting a proposal for how 2/4K digital 
intermediates can be handled using existing video-derived 
infrastructures in order to save time/money.

This is sponsored by the Dallas/Fort Worth SMPTE section. Information 
regarding the event is available at 

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