[Tig] 4K digital intermediates using video technology

Dominic Case cased
Fri Jun 24 07:43:45 BST 2005

>"I guess the term digital intermediate is an  
>intermediate name, because in a few years all post will be done this  

But what will the term become?

It's called a digital intermediate because the term "intermediate" is well
understood in the film lab business, and because scanning, conforming,
cleaning, colour correcting, and output to a negative for printing is a
direct substitute for the "photochemical intermediate" processes of colour
timing, wetgate IP, and DN. 

So when DI's are all digital, will we revert to calling it a  plain
"intermediate" process? Or will the trend to non-linearity of the whole film
production chain, whereby post production takes place before, during and
after production (henceforth to be called plain old "image capture"), make
the whole soggy mess totally incomprehensible to us all.

Me, I prefer to talk about "scanning" "recording" and "the middle bit".

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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