[Tig] Silence Becomes You - Screening

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Thu Jun 30 08:49:32 BST 2005

Yesterday we had the first full screening of Silence Becomes You at the 
NFT-1, Southbank, London.
It was a sales screening, performed via Sony SR and Barco DP100, so was 100% 
digital 4:4:4.
The image was projected 2.37, but with the squeeze burnt into the HD image, 
so actually using less lines than the full image, but therefore not 
requiring an anamorphic lens.
The technical results were stunning.
Rex Beckett, who is a digital cinema consultant in the UK, and has performed 
most of the top-end digital screenings in the UK, said it was the best 
example of what digital cinematography can really be like he has ever seen, 
due to the fact it was captured Viper Filmstream, not 'video' linear.
We are talking to ThomsonGVG about some selected screenings for the 
industry, so hopefully you will be able to see for your self.


Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd
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