[Tig] sony 2010p question

Bill Hogan billhogan1
Tue Mar 1 10:19:21 GMT 2005

ROB wrote:
"sony 2010P monitor has color shift on bright scenes when black matte
box is brought in top/bottom versus out of frame. i seem to remember
this as a clamp problem, suggestions for fix anyone? thanks."
(and then)
"But I was also informed that perhaps the electrolytic
caps may need to be replaced. Can anyone tell me which caps?"
 If you can make a box that is not across the whole picture from Left to 
Right but only extends
say 80% of the picture and does not touch the side of the picture raster 
and you bring this new size box
into the top or bottom of the raster and the picture still changes then 
it is probably NOT a clamp
problem.  It is a slim possibility that there is a vertical clamp 
problem.  A more likely problem is that you
are seeing the Very Well Known problem in many Trinitron tubes of flare 
from the top or bottom of the
tube structure effecting the picture.  If you run the monitor in 
underscan and the problem goes away then
this is the tube structure flare issue.

Regarding the capacitor issue:
There is a service bulletin from Sony from perhaps 10-12 years ago that 
identifies the capacitors in
question.  They used caps with too low a voltage rating and then with 
the capacitors changing value
there were problems.

Could someone with the CD-ROM Sony bulletin disc find the appropriate 
1910/2010 service bulletin
and send it to Rob?  By the way this service bulletin service I believe 
is still FREE and every facility should
have this disc.  It is updated on a regular basis. Contact Sony service 
in your local country.

Regards, Bill Hogan

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