[Tig] Do you Do It in the dark?

Ian Richardson ian.richardson
Tue Mar 1 19:50:18 GMT 2005

I, having come thru the set up of many rooms with various 'illuminated
surrounds' neutral walls etc. Have moved on many years ago.
TV grading rooms 'round here' are set up for grading in the dark.
[Of course low level bench lighting,etc etc is calibrated]
I have found, contrary to all the tecnicals, that the colorists [round here]
are more comfortable in this environment, and [ours] are competent
enough to produce consistent and [amazingly] repeatable grades
sometimes for jobs lasting for days, and in many cases over numerous
out of order 'wild' reels
Grading in the dark should not be an issue. If the calibration has
been done the colorist will perform......

cheers, Ian Richardson
DigiPix Sydney.

hugh Waters wrote:

> Thanks to Screen Time Images for supporting the TIG.
> -- 
> I seem to recall someone at the BAFTA seminar last week saying that DI 
> grading should be done in a completely dark room. Is that common 
> practice for DI work around the world? And if so, what does the 
> colourist use as a neutral reference in the suite?
> In TV grading we always arranged to have at least a neutral backlight 
> grey panel behind the main monitor and usually a D65 monochrome monitor 
> next to the main monitor.
> Hugh
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