[Tig] Do you Do It in the dark?

Rob Lingelbach robling
Tue Mar 1 21:59:19 GMT 2005

On 2005-03-01 at 13:22, Martin Euredjian (ecinema at pacbell.net) wrote:

> Of course, this effect is easy to understand.  Put on a pair of green
> sunglasses and go outside.  Within a very short period of time your brain
> has adjusted for the shift in color and white is still white, red is still
> red, etc.

the brain does some amazing adjustments with the senses that can be
wrong or right, depending on what you're after.  I saw once a film many
years ago in elementary school science class in which an experiment was done.  
This experiment had the subject wear image-inverting glasses for a few days.  
After a couple of days of wearing them, his brain righted the image, so when 
he took the glasses off his bare eyes and 'adjusted' brain showed everything 
inverted.  In the film he then drove a motorcycle, somewhat erratically.  
We were warned not to try this ourselves :].

somewhat the same principle applies with color adaptation and 
simultaneous color contrast.


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