[Tig] size of lab roll

Rick Anthony ranthony
Tue Mar 1 22:57:17 GMT 2005

OK I'm about to make reference to something that you may not have heard
of. Back in the olden days when I started in working in a lab whe used
to make PRINT DAILIES.  We would join 3 400' rolls of 16mm together for
printing with no problems.  35mm dailies were usually printing circled
takes and again 1500-1800' rolls were not an issue.  The smaller flats
of film really came up with the advent of video dailies.  An 800' flat
of 16 would allow you to transfer to a 60 min cassette with the least
wasted tape stock.  Since 2 1200' flats(66.66 min running time) of 16mm
could not be transferred to a 60 minute cassette and a single 1200'(33.3
minutes running time) flat could not be transferred to a 30 min
cassette, going to 800' madar since.  In an ideal world if you prep 16mm
in 800/1200/800/1200/800/1200 sequence you can optimize your tape stock
usage.  The problem there is who has time to keep track of whether the
last flat prepped was 800 or 1200.  In the 35mm world, 4 1200'
rolls(53.3 mins running time) will just about fill a 60 min cassette
after you add bars and tone. 

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>In the U.S. with A.C.V.L. (acvl.org) lab members it's either 
>800 or 1200
>feet. It's all about handling, transport and storage concerns. 
>Prepping over
>1200' rolls is just too dangerous when handling original 
>negative, why take
>any chances?

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