[Tig] Do you Do It in the dark?

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Tue Mar 1 23:09:35 GMT 2005

>  what you missed is that there is 'enough' D6500 light around and in the
room at low level to give a _constant_ and_unchanging_ visual reference. 

Ian, my post wasn't about criticizing your approach at all (just in case it
could be misconstrued that way).

Yes, understood, the projector will/can paint 6500K light on other walls,
etc.  Please note that I have seen rooms that are absolute black holes.  Not
a good thing at all.

The question is one of correlating this to other viewing environments.  No
standard seems to exist.  What happens when someone wants to
evaluate/comment/guide your grade from 3000 miles away?  What do you tell
them to do?  How do we correlate that viewing environments?

One random thought I had was that it might be nice to have a good size
(about 5%~10% of screen height?) gray border around the screen.  Something
like an 18% neutral area rather than blackness.  Hard to say how this would
function as I have no basis from which to say that it would be of any
benefit.  I've been meaning to bounce this off a couple of the guys at the
Munsell Color Science Lab for a while.  They can take these ideas and run
tests using hundreds of unsuspecting students as subjects.  Just about the
only way to know.

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