[Tig] Do you Do It in the dark?

eriku at flyingspot.com eriku
Wed Mar 2 02:41:32 GMT 2005

One thing I like to do is design the gray surround several feet back from the
face of the display, so that it is out of the focus plane of the display.  It
is less distracting/annoying, and works quite well.

Erik Utter

> One random thought I had was that it might be nice to have a good size
> (about 5%~10% of screen height?) gray border around the screen.  Something
> like an 18% neutral area rather than blackness.  Hard to say how this would
> function as I have no basis from which to say that it would be of any
> benefit.  I've been meaning to bounce this off a couple of the guys at the
> Munsell Color Science Lab for a while.  They can take these ideas and run
> tests using hundreds of unsuspecting students as subjects.  Just about the
> only way to know.

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