[Tig] Who really owns LA post?

Dave Pickett dave.pickett
Wed Mar 2 16:30:00 GMT 2005

About 9 years ago I was working in the Santa Monica area when it's flagship post facilities were purchased or funded by Four Media Company, headed by Rob Walston.   The story circulating was that he was a Harvard MBA with venture capital looking for profit by consolidating the cottage post industry.  
4MC went public in 1997 I believe and then was sold to German mutual fund firm Warburg-Pincus.   AT&T subsidiary Liberty Media acquired the lot and subsequently it spun-off current parent company Ascent Media.  
So a large portion of the throughput capacity of Los Angeles post has been consolidated and sold several times.  Who really owns LA post?  10 years ago the answers were clear. 

Dave Pickett
Finish - Boston    

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