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janet at shootersinc.com janet
Wed Mar 2 16:38:16 GMT 2005

Regarding my earlier post about color shifts in the show
"24", I am pretty much convinced it has nothing to do with
the show itself.  I do not watch a lot of network
programming, and the only show I watch on Fox is "24".  Last
night, however, I was watching another program on Fox (OK,
OK, I admit it, it was "American Idol")and I noticed the
same color shifts I had seen on "24"...Apparently the issue
lies in Fox's broadcast, and maybe only to satellite viewers
in the Philadelphia market.  Has anyone else seen these
color shifts? Just wondering, cause when they happen they
are very distracting...
Janet Falcon

Janet Falcon
Senior Colorist Shooters Inc.
Philadelphia, Pa
janet at shootersinc.com

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