[Tig] Do you Do It in the dark?

Martin Parsons martin-p
Wed Mar 2 18:13:59 GMT 2005

Whilst grading in a room with ambient light might be fine for TV where the
end viewer will probably (hopefully) be watching in similar ambient lighting
conditions, the situation for film is slightly different.

Notwithstanding Martin Euredjian's excellent comments there is a danger that
grading a film with too much room light will result in lifted black levels
when viewed in a darker environment i.e. the cinema/screening room.

Ideally the amount of light in the grading suite should match the
cinema/screening room. But there seems to be no hard and fast standard that
is rigorously applied to ambient lighting. There are some screening rooms in
London that are completely dark and some cinemas in the West End that you
can pick up your copy of the London Evening Standard and read it during the
boring part of the movie.

Then there is your client who may also have an input as to how they feel
comfortable when grading their images.

An intensity-adjustable backlight seems a reasonable compromise for all -
although I wouldn't recommend having one anywhere near as bright as a
conventional video TK suite.


Martin Parsons
The Moving Picture Company

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