[Tig] 16mm mag track standards?

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Wed Mar 2 18:38:28 GMT 2005

Yes, at the BBC the norm was Centre (just to be different, I suppose).
The edge would be used for M&E. I never came across a stereo track and
certainly not Dolby.


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> Can someone tell me what format of 16mm mag track is used most often 
> for monaural interlock transfers?
> Is it center track or edge track?

In North America, my experience is that it's almost always edge track.
Once in a blue moon we'd get center track or even stereo.  Chace
Productions and some other firms specializing in optical sound transfers
often would produce stereo or dual-mono mags with signals on both
tracks, but the mags were always labeled "EBU 2-track."  Sometimes,
those sound transfers were Dolby-encoded as well, but I think that
practice has gone by the wayside; now, I think they're delivering DATs
or DA-88s.

In Europe, I'd say anything goes.  You'd think that center track would
theoretically sound better, since it's further in from the edge of the
film, and less susceptible to dropouts.  Probably the best bet is to use
a 2-track head, and listen to both channels, if the mag is not

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