[Tig] Do you Do It in the dark?

Paul Chapman pchapman
Wed Mar 2 18:59:09 GMT 2005

I've been following the discussions with interest, having dealt with this in
both Telecine rooms and a Theater environment at FotoKem over the last few

If you go to www.fotokem.com & navigate to the 'video' then 'telecine' 'tab'
you can see a nice picture of our telecine rooms which illustrate what we
did here.

The colorists usually have the lights a bit below 50% on the dimmers, the
lighting is all architectural neon, chosen to be as close to 6500K as we
could get. We also checked the bounce off various fabric samples with a
color meter to make sure the fabric would not change the results.

In our D.I. Theater we do run in compete darkness most of the time. The
fabric here was chosen to be very dark near the screen to minimize
reflections. There is a picture of the theater on the web site, but is does
not show any of this very well.

Also remember that D-Cinema and D.I. is NOT done at 6500K.

Paul Chapman

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