[Tig] Do you Do It in the dark?

Wed Mar 2 20:02:33 GMT 2005

In my opinion grading in the dark is good for neither the colourist nor the
finished product. The product is more than likely not going to be viewed in
the dark, and a low to medium level of 6500k (ish) light should wash the
walls evenly. giving the colourist a reference and focus.
Also he or she is far less likely to knock over the coffee cup (or BRRE beer
as I read here) which is balanced  on the edge of the desk.
  That sort of brings me to the reason I replied to this, which is that the
contrast level which "normal " crt's are set to on pluge, is usually about
25 ft candles, (I don't assume everyone works to that figure)  but with the
advent of higher and higher output devices the  contrast  range accepted as
the standard , will over a long period of time, change; (for examle the
early colour crt's couldn't all comfortably achieve 25 ft candles but now
all modern crt's can easily achieve this ).
(I seem to remember reading here? about a new and very  high output  flat
panel device a few months ago but I can't remember what it's called so
couldn't look up  the spec.)

In 5 years we may be able to set peak white to 50 ft candles so what will
the standard be?
I wonder if Smpte will have us all recalibrating our eyes and our rooms for
a new and hitherto unthinkable (in TV) contrast ratio.
Thoughts anyone?

Colourist/Engineer 3Sixtymedia Granada ITV

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> I seem to recall someone at the BAFTA seminar last week saying that DI
> grading should be done in a completely dark room. Is that common practice
> for DI work around the world? And if so, what does the colourist use as a
> neutral reference in the suite?
> In TV grading we always arranged to have at least a neutral backlight grey
> panel behind the main monitor and usually a D65 monochrome monitor next to
> the main monitor.
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