[Tig] Do you Do It in the dark?

Ed Elliott EElliott
Wed Mar 2 20:53:58 GMT 2005

Also, an interesting reference to vision metrics and perception is a new
book by Stefan Winkler, "Digital Video Quality" [Wiley ISBN
0-470-02404-6]. I am currently also grappling with "distributed viewing
parameters" with clients all over planet trying to tell me what color
they are seeing....

We use a "near black", but NOT completely dark, viewing environment. And
(with a mix of lighting instruments) can approximate different color
temps for backwash (to differentiate TV vs. DC) 

Ed Elliott
Sr. Dir. Video Eng., DMC

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Thanks to Screen Time Images for supporting the TIG.
If you look at SMPTE  RP 166 and RP167  it is very specific about the
room and room lighting.
The light behind the display  washing the wall is 10% of the peak white
on the display.

I have seen this in many various forms, but if you get the wash of light
from the bottom spreading up to a general fad ( as light will do) it
takes care of the room light issue and adds a bias to your eye to keep
your iris' from closeing and opening at a high rate. The science about
the eye bias is very interestion and is about 16 pages long. It has to
do with things like missing frames when you eye is in contraction and

Ron Wiulliams
LA Ca.

Martin Euredjian wrote:

>Thanks to Screen Time Images for supporting the TIG.
>> what you missed is that there is 'enough' D6500 light around and in 
>> the
>room at low level to give a _constant_ and_unchanging_ visual
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