[Tig] Who really owns LA post?

Michael Most mmost
Thu Mar 3 16:16:46 GMT 2005

On Mar 2, 2005, at 8:30 AM, Dave Pickett wrote:

> So a large portion of the throughput capacity of Los Angeles post has 
> been consolidated and sold several times.  Who really owns LA post?  
> 10 years ago the answers were clear.

Ascent Media, Technicolor, Laser Pacific (oops, Kodak), Modern 
Videofilm (still independent, for the moment), and the Post Group (oops 
again, Lightning Media) are really the only players now, with Ascent, 
Technicolor, and Laser Kodak together having, by my guess, about 90% of 
the episodic television business, probably more if you don't count 
reality shows.

Mike Most
VFX Supervisor
IATSE Local 600
Los Angeles

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