[Tig] Who really owns LA post?

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Thu Mar 3 18:28:31 GMT 2005

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> By the way, what was the most frequently "newly-owned" shop in town?

no doubt that had to be Editel.  Let's see (BF will correct me

Editel was owned at various times by the following corporations:

EUE/Screen Gems
Banta Corp.

and keep in mind that the owning corporation was absorbing, until
toward the end (and a sad end it was), facilities in LA, Chicago, San
Francisco, New York, and Boston.   The best part of this was 
when we got together at NAB in Vegas and had our (Ortonian expression)
"Group Grope" about "trends and directions" in our "facilities
management" and "client attraction dynamics" .. you get the picture :]
I always enjoyed this part because a representative from each facility 
around a huge square table got to talk for a few minutes.  The best one
was when Topazio, Festa, I, and Tom Leeser (now head of the Integrated
Media Program at California Institute of the Arts) were there to nod
occasionally and point at each other.

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