[Tig] how far can you go?

Adam Inglis adam.inglis
Thu Mar 3 19:49:28 GMT 2005

My general rule of thumb is that its always best to do as little to an 
image as possible. With regards exposure i have my controls preset to a 
maximum of 20 printer points, which is usually enough, but very 
occasionally i go further, and not always with adverse results. It all 
depends on the material (both the original photography and the quality 
of the scan) and the look required by the scene and story. Its mainly an 
aesthetic judgment and a compromise - eg are you seeing enough in this 
shot or will you accept a bit more grain for the sake of a bit more 
exposure? Is there enough definition in this shot through a cloud of 
smoke or is the grain exaggerated by the added contrast too much?

adam inglis

Jack James wrote:

>A question for the colourists out there- I'm wondering, as a typical rule of
>thumb, how much punishment (i.e. grading) a digitised shot (let's say at
>10-bit RGB log or lin one) can take before being overrun with noise and
>breaks apart. In other words, what's the average tolerance for under- &
>over-exposed images?

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