[Tig] D.I and 6500k

Michael Orton morton
Thu Mar 3 20:47:39 GMT 2005

Cem, the reason for this is that most movie projectors have a light 
source that is about 5400 Kelvin. Whites therefore are yellower than 
they would be at 6500K, and the DI suite has to match these viewing 

There does not seem to be a proper standard for DI suites at present, 
and I have seen folks work at anywhere between 5000K and 5500K. There 
also seems to be a similar variability is light boxes that are used 
to back-illuminate 35mm print for viewing.

Hope this answers your question.


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At 4:01 AM -0800 3/3/05, Cem Ozkilicci wrote:
>Thanks to Thomas Electronics for supporting the TIG.
>Read about BRRE thanks to Dwaine Maggart
>and Peter Swinson at http://tig.colorist.org/wiki/index.php/BRRE_Compendium
>Hi guys,
>something caught my attention the other day regarding
>lighting conditions and grading. Paul Chapman noted
>that "D-Cinema and D.I. is NOT done at 6500K". I was
>curious as to why this is...
>Cem Ozkilicci
>Junior Colorist


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