[Tig] how far can you go?

Michael Orton morton
Thu Mar 3 21:19:35 GMT 2005

At 11:54 AM -0800 3/3/05, Marc Wielage wrote:

>   Your miles may vary, batteries not included,
>member FDIC.

Interesting. Your miles definitely do vary on this one, Marc. One of 
the things I was told by the colorists soon after arrival here in 
Aotearoa is that DPs who are new to New Zealand are not used to the 
clarity of the light here, and so often accidentally overexpose until 
they get used to the conditions.

Now how that can happen with lightmeters and all mystifies me, but I 
know many DPs are so experienced, they can look at a scene and nail 
the exposure pretty accurately, in the same way that keen 
photographers will tell you its 1/125th of a sec at f8. Apparently 
the quality of the light here just throws 'em.

I've found very wide variation in how much "stretch" a film will take 
before "falling apart" on the telecine, so much so that I hesitate to 
give even a guide value; I do agree with you that the more recent 
stocks have fabulous latitude, and can withstand a pounding on the 
lift/gamma/gain controls, and especially secondaries much more than 
even ten years ago.

Hey dont forget we have a global audience here! Youre going to have 
to explain the whole "Member FDIC" thing :)



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