[Tig] Who really owns LA post?

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I heard that some large corporation was looking to buy the NHL ( National
Hockey League ) for 3.5 billion. The offer was turned down but I find it
interesting in how this relates to this subject. Just think of what could
happen to the quality of the game and, salary issues for the players would
disappear as they would get what ever the large corporation wants to give.
Interesting if some large corporation buys the Post world, What would happen
to the quality of service and product along with pricing issues.
just a thought.

Clients in our competitive business are very sohpisticated, I wouldn't worry about it. The cream rises to the top. B.T.W, It's not "coast-centric". It's a model that you can observe in many areas of manufacturing and service, from the hotel business to widespread touch-tone automated customer service. When the customer won't do business that way it changes.

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