[Tig] D.I and 6500k

Ken Robinson ken
Sat Mar 5 09:23:28 GMT 2005

Paul, you are alive,

I flew in that plane as well. Neil even allowed me to land it.... It was 
quite funny, I could feel him sending me mental messages to look after his 
baby. He still talked to me afterwards, so I must have done ok!

Its far worse flying in Santiago de Chile, the pollution is terrible. It 
seemed  vertical visibility of whatever makes you feel comfortable was the 
norm.... As was overexposing the neg by about 2 stops (to 'make sure'). So, 
with having to navigate mountains to get out of the city area and a Quadra 
that doesn't handle dense flat negative very well, I had a nervous sweaty 
time, oh and of course I had to deal with the Chilean Airforce to get a 
flight test while Pinochet was under house arrest in the UK.

Ken Robinson

>Hi Graham!
>Neil Kindly took me flying a couple of times too in the 1980's, great fun.
>Does he still have that plane?
>Kind wishes,
>Paul Grace. 

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