[Tig] DI and the new new world?

Ken Robinson ken
Sun Mar 6 09:50:47 GMT 2005

So we now have a real time film recorder coming to market.

The Spirit 4k is available and installed in some markets already.

High performance non real time scanners have been with us for a while.

Software colour correctors are widely available.

Disc prices are extremely affordable.

Are we actually going to see a shift to data on the bulk of projects shot on 
film? And I mean commercials as well, but I am still sitting in front of 
workflows that I have used for many years: i.e. One lights for offline, 
edl's, semi cut negative.... etc, etc.

How do people see our future? Is the overall non uptake of the new workflow 
streams a question of the customers not understanding what can be done, or 
is it the high investment that post houses have already made?

I seem to remember the point when the first Spirit hit the market, and 
generally people were shocked at the price. No one was going to have this 
expensive type telecine in the smaller markets..... Now they are everywhere.

At what point, if at all, will the post industry be hurt if they don't move 

Ken Robinson

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