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Dick Hobbs dick
Sun Mar 6 12:47:40 GMT 2005

Kevin makes excellent points for a Sunday morning, and as ever I bow to his
very much greater experience.

I would, though, gently and humbly reiterate my point that DI is entering a
long-established workflow and, while we think we would probably do it better
if we scrapped everything and started again, we are stuck with that

In the established way of doing things, the cinematographer is the guardian
of the image, and I do not see that changing. Geoff Boyle, to mention him
again, has campaigned for a change of job title from "Director of
Photography" to "Director of Imaging". At the recent Bafta event, a leading
BSC was moved to make the point that all the speakers were talking about the
director's vision, and would we all please remember that it is the
cinematographer that makes the pictures.

Can I throw another point into this discussion. Andy Setos of the Fox
Network recently said that his network aims to get the best possible quality
to those who have paid most for it. He was talking about broadcast HD, but
should we not apply the same principles to digital cinema?

Digital projection is the premium service at the moment, because it involves
a big reinvestment for the cinema, and because it involves a theoretical
"perfect" showing every time. I know that mastering facilities are already
considering - maybe even generating - different versions for digital cinema
and film out, pushing the saturation in the digital version in ways in which
film could not do.

So when will the digital cinema version become the master with the film out
just another deliverable? Or is that already the case?



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