[Tig] D.I and 6500k

Rob Lingelbach robling
Sun Mar 6 13:12:12 GMT 2005

On 2005-03-06 at 12:47, Dick Hobbs (dick at hobbsonline.tv) wrote:

> In the established way of doing things, the cinematographer is the guardian
> of the image, and I do not see that changing. Geoff Boyle, to mention him
> again, has campaigned for a change of job title from "Director of
> Photography" to "Director of Imaging". 

candidate for PoM  (post of the month) Dick, along with your comment
about remembering that the DoP is 'guardian of the image.'  There
should be (actually there is) a costume for each role in the

and some time back one of our esteemed colleagues in grading (color
correction) did adopt the title "Director of Imaging."  

which reminds me (don't ask how many years ago) that Syd Caesar was the
Director of Imogene  (Coca that is).

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