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If you look in the ICG magazine (Dec 2004 - International Cinematographers 
Guild www.cameraguild.com) there's a long article about the Aviator (movie 
by Scorsese) about how they managed to get the Technicolor look. It's a 
very interesting article which is well worth the reading if you can get 
your hands on it. Rob Richardson was the cinematographer and he worked 
together with retired Dr. Dick Goldberg of Technicolor. They used more 
yellow in the magenta dye and less in the cyan dye to get the technicolor 
effect (made in telecine/post).


At 18:00 06.03.2005, you wrote:
>Thanks to Digital Pictures Sydney for supporting the TIG.
>a followup to our fairly recent discussion of nitrate film.
>I was watching the video of a transfer of a film shot in technicolor
>and noted as I always have with technicolor that the color rendition is
>so interestingly different, and at times more pleasing to the eye, than
>current tripack emulsion negative.  It is a look that belongs to
>history, I guess, unless someone would like to correct me and say that
>three-strip technicolor still exists.  In fact I remember reading not
>too long ago somewhere that Scorcese was interested in reviving this
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