[Tig] I want to be a Colorist, Where can I get the training?

Sean McKee sean
Sun Mar 6 21:50:45 GMT 2005

Just as I started writing, I noticed your email address was from the UK.
Don't know about out there, but here in Chicago, Columbia College offers a
telecine color correction class. I think they have an FDL60 telecine and a
da Vinci DUI color corrector. You could also contact da Vinci directly
(www.davsys.com) as they teach classes on the 2K system in sunny Florida.
The difference being that at a college you'll be going for a whole semester,
maybe 1 or 2 days a week for 4 hours a day, and at da Vinci you'll be hands
on for a solid week.

I would contact both and see what method best suits your needs.


Sean McKee
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> Hello
> I posted the same thing at Cinematography.com. They
> suggested me TIG is the right place to ask.
> Hero you go...
> I want to work as colorist, but I've no clue where to
> learn that. I've been doing Visual Effects Compositing
> for a while. I studied BFA Photography. So, i
> basically understand Colors, Film, Grain, Exposures
> and stuff like that...
> Please do suggest me if there is any school or place
> where I can get the training.
> Thanks
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