[Tig] DI and the new new world?

Charles Gerstner medusa70
Sun Mar 6 23:47:49 GMT 2005

Hi Ken, here is an interesting article you might want
to read. It should partially answer your question.


--- Ken Robinson <ken at flight4.org> wrote:
> Thanks to Thomas Electronics for supporting the TIG.
> Read about BRRE thanks to Dwaine Maggart 
> and Peter Swinson at
> --
> So we now have a real time film recorder coming to
> market.
> The Spirit 4k is available and installed in some
> markets already.
> High performance non real time scanners have been
> with us for a while.
> Software colour correctors are widely available.
> Disc prices are extremely affordable.
> Are we actually going to see a shift to data on the
> bulk of projects shot on 
> film? And I mean commercials as well, but I am still
> sitting in front of 
> workflows that I have used for many years: i.e. One
> lights for offline, 
> edl's, semi cut negative.... etc, etc.
> How do people see our future? Is the overall non
> uptake of the new workflow 
> streams a question of the customers not
> understanding what can be done, or 
> is it the high investment that post houses have
> already made?
> I seem to remember the point when the first Spirit
> hit the market, and 
> generally people were shocked at the price. No one
> was going to have this 
> expensive type telecine in the smaller markets.....
> Now they are everywhere.
> At what point, if at all, will the post industry be
> hurt if they don't move 
> over?
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