[Tig] NEW Kodak Super 16 mm "FILM SYSTEM" for HD

Kevin Shaw kevs
Tue Mar 8 15:45:18 GMT 2005

My guess is that this is an intelligent blend of the Kodak TCS hardware,
Kodak science (LUTS) and a primetime like stock.

Scan only could mean it wont print without cross curves, and it could mean
that the intention is to calibrate the telecine and apply Kodak LUTs to
design the stock to be daylight, tungsten different EI, etc etc. Probably
means both. Process would be TK-Kodak-Color corrector in the traditional
flow, or in DI could be scan + Kodak or Kodak + color.

I have been playing with TCS recently and its an interesting tool, Like most
of out tools it is capable of more than it was designed for, and this new
stock approach should look great, as long as the DP informs the colorist of
how he exposed it :-). Currently TCS reads keycode, but in the new stock
that wont be enough.

TCS hardware is pricey, but if the results are good...
Other problem is TCS hardware is SDI only, so for data there is a question
on how the LUTs are applied. Software solution?

All this is of course just speculation, and guesswork, but it does not seem
so strange to me.
Happy coloring

on 08/03/05 1:28 pm, Rob Lingelbach at robling at ucla.edu wrote:

> Thanks to Digital Pictures Sydney for supporting the TIG.
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> On 2005-03-08 at 13:06, Dick Hobbs (dick at hobbsonline.tv) wrote:
>> the sentence "The post production facility specified by a filmmaker will be
>> provided with a KODAK VISION2 HD Digital Processor." On what commercial
>> basis will this box be provided? Where does this box sit in the
>> well-established workflow?
> and what do they mean by stating that the film is "scan-only" ?
> Bill is right, there's going to be a rumble :]
> but it is nice to see good news about a new film even if it includes
> some questions about possible hyperbole.
> Rob
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