[Tig] question about lens "sweet spot"

Rob Lingelbach robling
Wed Mar 9 23:08:17 GMT 2005

I am posting this as a favor for a friend.  We traditionally frown 
on anonymous postings but I believe need to concede sometimes that it
can be difficult when considering the scope of this group not to admit
we can't always be completely forthcoming in our affiliations (i.e.
companies freak out).

thus our correspondent asks:

 I'm working on a new feature that is using a ground glass called           
 .25 offset. It is between common top and common center in framing.         
 The aspect ratio is 2.35:1, flat. They are shooting both 3 and 4           
 perf 35mm film with DI as the planned finishing method. I am               
 curious as to why this sort of framing is used. Someone had told me        
 that .25 offset benefits from using the "sweet spot" of the lens,          
 avoiding any imperfections that may more likely be in the lower            
 part of the lens(es) used.                                             

Rob Lingelbach   

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