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Rob Lingelbach robling
Wed Mar 9 23:20:59 GMT 2005

something in our discussion about archiving led me to remember the
fire that destroyed Editel San Francisco in 1990.  And I found the
following at http://www.surroundmusic.net/articles/buddy.html
describing the recovery of images and sound of Buddy Rich's last
performance.  This is just an excerpt; the full article is at the
URL above.  

 In 1990, a fire swept through the Editel facility. The facility was
destroyed and the tapes were soaked in water. Steve Michelson, who was
the owner of One Pass and the Executive Producer of the programs,
recovered some damaged tapes. Unfortunately the masters had been lost
in the fire.


Ten years latter, as chance would have it, Steve and Gary were again
working on a project together. This time it was a DVD that Steve was
producing for Gary's publishing company, Widescreen Review. They
began talking about the Buddy Rich project they had worked on years
ago. They discussed how it would be great if this last recording of
Buddy could be released on DVD. Steve believed the masters had been
lost in the fire. It turned out Gary had master and sub-master tapes
stored away, along with the U-Matic digital audio originals, a box of
1-inch tapes with behind-the-scenes footage and Betamax tapes. Maybe
they could be recovered? So now begins the making of the DVD.


First the masters had to be cleaned. Over the years a fungus had grown
on the tape edges. The reels were dismantled and the fungus was
scrubbed and vacuumed from the tape pack. It was now imperative to get
the program off the 1-inch tape, since the master would not last much
longer. Each time it was run, the machine had to be thoroughly cleaned
of debris. The binder was breaking down and the oxide was starting to
flake off! It was decided to dub the 1-inch master to Digital Betacam
to preserve the best quality.

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