[Tig] Digital data storage (was something else)

Rob Lingelbach robling
Thu Mar 10 00:08:27 GMT 2005

On 2005-03-09 at 15:53, Martin Euredjian (ecinema at pacbell.net) wrote:

> In ten years scan all 20,000 hours of film to a high-res (both spatial and
> color) losslessly compressed data format.  Do this at $2,000 per hour of
> material.

consider also that if you're doing this scanning in real time, and
allowing a hypothetical ratio of 1:2 for running time against session
time, and an example work-week of 100 hours (two shifts) and the result
is roughly 8 years to complete the job.  Or 1 year for 8 scanning
systems at the same 100-hour workweek.  Can anyone afford such an
investment in time or facilities?  I honestly don't know.  Please 
correct my premise or my numbers if you feel they're off.

Rob Lingelbach   TIG admin

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