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Stuart Spence Stuart
Thu Mar 10 00:38:59 GMT 2005

I saw David Crosthwaite's name in TIG a couple of years ago, describing his
VCR Museum,  and Rob mentioned this again, but Google & I & Rob don't have a
current address to contact him.  There's someone by that name in Chula
Vista - might David have moved?  Does anyone have a current address or
e-mail for him - or know someone who provides the same kind of
archaic-format rescue resource?
I have an unused (but I still power-up occasionally) SLHF1000 that I would
trade as parts/resource for one good transfer from that format by someone
who knows how to set it up.  From then on, I'll do the digital transfers as
needed (thanks for those good numbers, Martin Euredjian)
Stuart Spence Stuart at Spence.net

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| As we've said here before, manufacturers don't have much of a vested
| interest in supporting 20-year-old VTRs (though David Crosthwaite of
| Burbank has his functioning VTR museum).
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