[Tig] googlefs

Jack James jack
Thu Mar 10 11:13:43 GMT 2005

GoogleFS represents some interesting technology, that would certainly be
useful during a production but it's not suitable for film archive.

Here's why:

Online storage of that type is prohibitively expensive, from a power point
of view. For now at least, there is no viable reason to keep a 20-year old
film online every second of every day.

GoogleFS relies on redundancies. In the event of a catastrophe, such as an
explosion or a virus, all data would be lost. From Google's point of view,
that's not too devastating: the google business model is based around search
algorithms, which could be rebuilt, and the content regenerated by simply
re-indexing the web. Or to put it another way, the web is its ultimate
backup, and the fact that it changes so often does not matter.


And on the subject of cost timings someone worked out, I'd be happy to keep
some reels of film in my attic for free if they're good.






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