Need some colour/light recommendations (Was: [Tig] D.I and 6500k)

john.pytlak at john.pytlak
Thu Mar 10 14:00:31 GMT 2005

Gretag-Macbeth offer a line of fluorescent viewing illuminants and 
reference lighting that could be adapted to providing reference surround 
lighting in a grading suite.

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>I've been reading the DI and 6500K thread with great interest and I have 
>related question.
>I'm about to finish my new facility and I need some recommendations now 
>the last stage. I need to finish the desk/background to where the 
>colourist works and I wonder what I need:
>- Luminous tubes: What Kelvin value would I need for reference light/What 

>tubes should I look for (colour and Watt)? I'm doing SD transfers to 
>- What paintingcolour should I use as background on the wall? (maybe 
>someone could supply me with a colour - RGB or similare)
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