[Tig] NEW Kodak Super 16 mm "FILM SYSTEM" for HD

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Thu Mar 10 11:23:29 GMT 2005


Don't know how much I can tell you, but the new film stock is a very low contrast, 
wide dynamic range OCN that has all the normal film charactisterics removed 
(transfer curves, etc) so that any look required can be applied in post. 
It's 16mm at the moment, but 16mm is only half 35mm, so to speak...

This stock isn't aimed at HD specifically, but the DI process, and is a 
fantastic development for image capture, making the most of the flexibility 
of the DI process from a film shot medium.

The Kodak processing equipment is a good idea, but any DI process will be 
able to work very well with this new stock.

Obviously, DoPs are really going to have to move into the DI suite... and 
if they have used Kodak's Look Manager, this could easily help the DI process 
to match the desired image colourimetery very quickly, although Kodak need 
to do more work on the Look management System for this to be an easy reality.

The project name is chameleon. Apt, don't you think...


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