[Tig] Digital data storage (was something else)

Bjorn H Brudeli bjorn
Fri Mar 11 21:34:36 GMT 2005

Saving film digitaly it is possible for the generations to get a copy of 
the films with no harm to the neg. How much is that worth. What is the 
reason for us to store it, if we can't watch it. Come on guys, compare a 
library with microfilm and a decent database.

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Martin Euredjian wrote:
> Thanks to Digital Pictures Sydney for supporting the TIG.
> --
>>consider also that if you're doing this scanning in real time, and
> allowing a hypothetical ratio of 1:2 for running time against session
> time, and an example work-week of 100 hours (two shifts) and the result
> is roughly 8 years to complete the job.  Or 1 year for 8 scanning
> systems at the same 100-hour workweek.  Can anyone afford such an
> investment in time or facilities?
> I did allocate $40 million to this first scan.  Make it $80 million if you'd
> like.  It still makes sense.  US$80 million dollars to run 8 to 10 scanning
> (not Telecine) systems 100 hours per week.  It sounds like a business to me.
> These, obviously, should be push-button scanners that are intelligent enough
> to capture the full dynamic range of the material both spatially and
> color-wise without expert input.  Are we going to have such a beast in about
> ten years?  I would think so.
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