# [Tig] Digital data storage (was something else) Martin Euredjian

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Sat Mar 12 12:22:24 GMT 2005

Martin Euredjian has introduced a topic very close to our hearts, the
preservation of moving images.

While some poo poo the idea of MEMs, let's not forget what archive film
really is.

A set of seperaton negatives consisting of micro-mechanical devices buried
within a plastic substrate. Silver, in emulsion.

While not really digital, the location and size of each lump of silver can
be regarded as a sampled record of the original.

If we compare this film store to magnetic tape, which nominally comprises
iron oxide on a support medium, the only difference is that the film has
the silver buried in it, if it did not then the silver would almost
immediately oxidise, presumibly ruining the stored information. So ALL the
suggested mediums are not that differernt..

Just another scary thought, are not books and the written word a sort of
digitally stored versions of human speech. If we can translate texts that
went out of usage several thousand years ago, I do not why we could not
read digital files whatever they are, way into the future. !!

I blame the above on an excess of BRRE. 

Peter Swinson  

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