# [Tig] Digital data storage (was something else) Martin Euredjian

Adrian Thomas adrian
Mon Mar 14 10:14:37 GMT 2005

On 12 Mar 2005, at 12:22, Peter Swinson wrote:

> If we compare this film store to magnetic tape, which nominally 
> comprises
> iron oxide on a support medium, the only difference is that the film 
> has
> the silver buried in it, if it did not then the silver would almost
> immediately oxidise, presumibly ruining the stored information

Surely the emulsion is coated onto the base film, not incorporated into 
it? How else would it be possible to scratch the emulsion off? I've 
seen many examples of fixed emulsion separating from the base after 
improper storage.

> Just another scary thought, are not books and the written word a sort 
> of
> digitally stored versions of human speech.

Encoded versions perhaps, but not necessarily digitally stored.

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