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Rob Lingelbach robling
Tue Mar 15 22:25:37 GMT 2005

we have 15 entries for the two iPod minis so far, at 10$ per ticket,
anyone else who wants to try for the win just follow the directions

TIG admin

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On 2005-03-09 at 11:34, G. Baker Telecine Sales (hdedit at yahoo.com) wrote:

> This year we will be also holding a raffle to help
> support the TIG. (Rob will follow with an
> announcement). Rob will be raffling two iPod Minis and
> Shirts. The winners will be drawn from a hat at the
> Party.

thank you Guy.  Now that I have the floor (or the inbox) I'd like to
thank everyone for everything.  :)  So....

The raffle tickets for these iPods are $10 each, and due to banking
restrictions the tickets are offered only through PayPal, the interface
is available at the "make a donation" button on the page at
http://www.colorist.org  .  When the transaction is made just note in the
message area provided by PayPal the word "raffle" and I will send you a
ticket number.  The only thing you then have to do is write three
things on a piece of A4 or 8.5x11" paper: your name, the ticket number,
and your email address.  The papers then will be collected by Guy at
the Telecine Bash at The Beach and the drawing will be held that night.

Winners will be announced on the TIG and if you're not there at the
drawing Guy will find a way to get the iPod to you anyway I'm sure.

Any funds collected will go to pay some TIG bills (like the purchase of
the domain name which is still owed).

Rob Lingelbach  TIG admin

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Rob Lingelbach   

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