[Tig] drop frame and HD

Jack James jack
Wed Mar 16 17:55:40 GMT 2005

Ok, this is something that I've been trying to get my head around for a long
time now. With SD video, you have NTSC drop-frame and non-drop. I understand
the reasons and history behind it, that the number of actual frames is
exactly the same regardless, and that DF drops two frames a minute, 9 out of
every 10 minutes. Good.

But with HD (and I'll ignore progressive formats for the sake of argument)
you have 59.94i and 60i formats. How does this work in terms of timecode? Is
59.94i drop frame and 60i non-drop? Or are the two completely independent,
requiring standards conversion to go from one to the other? Because let's
face it, it doesn't seem to make sense to talk about a 59.94 (or 29.97)
non-drop timecode does it? 

And. where exactly does 23.98 fit into all of this?

If anyone can explain this to me in terms of the number of actual frames of
each, that would be best.



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