[Tig] drop frame and HD

Lucas Wilson Lucas
Thu Mar 17 14:49:02 GMT 2005

[jack] But with HD (and I'll ignore progressive formats for the sake of argument)
you have 59.94i and 60i formats. How does this work in terms of timecode? Is
59.94i drop frame and 60i non-drop? Or are the two completely independent,
requiring standards conversion to go from one to the other? Because let's
face it, it doesn't seem to make sense to talk about a 59.94 (or 29.97)
non-drop timecode does it?

And. where exactly does 23.98 fit into all of this?

[lucas] Other people have chimed in with really good information. Just wanted to add a couple of important workflow points...
There is no such thing as DF 23.976  or 24. However, the problem comes when downconverting either of these to NTSC. Most offline editing is still done at standard definition resolutions. So an NTSC offline device still needs good ole' NTSC 29.97 in order to function. NTSC can be either DF or NDF. The problem is that there is NO one-to-one frame correlation between DF NTSC and 24p tapes of any flavor. Some facilities will still downconvert 24p masters to DF NTSC because the ultimate deliverable is NTSC broadcast. But in the online process, when trying to reconcile a DF EDL back to the HD masters, it becomes a nightmare, with the online editor typically having to resort to a lot of eyematching.
..just something to be aware of.
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