[Tig] MNR11 thanks

Craig Leffel craig
Thu Mar 17 20:13:48 GMT 2005

> For the first time in our history, we can
>process grain (and noise) in HD/444 (real-time) with a high level of
>confidence, without breaking the bank.  

Now it's my turn to not be able to stop myself..................

I own an HDNR that hasn't worked since the day we purchased it for 
somewhere near $70,000.  I wouldn't call it "real time" and I certainly 
wouldn't say that a device that only works ( old unit I realize ) in HD 
and NOT SD can be considered "without breaking the bank". For that 
matter, why is your company or any other similar minded companies even 
making hardware / video based NR boxes anymore?  Where's 2K and above? 
Where's a software NR that actually has features? Have you all just 
given up against MTI and Scream?  Seriously. Real time hardware based NR 
is a thing that is going quickly the way of the dinosaur ( with the 
exception of Scream ). The fact that you would take time out of your day 
to point out you are somehow "state of the art" with that kind of NR is 
just ridiculous. Why don't you guys try and pull your collective heads 
out and start trying again to make products that are useful, helpful, 
cutting edge, and at one point in your company's history - actually at 
the top of the heap...???  What is it the "development team" is actually 
doing ...have you checked?

Just my 2 cents....  and hey, you put it out there on the block, not me.

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist
Chicago / Santa Monica

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